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Carmine J. Matrascia
CT License #70219
Owner of Dufour Surveying LLC.
Carmine was employed by Ronald Dufour - Land Surveyor from April 1986 until buying the company in November 2012. His past experience includes:
Alford Associates - Civil Engineers and
Surveyors and
FMA Paretnership - Landscape Architects
Ronald H. Dufour
CT License #12319
Owner of Dufour Surveying from 
April 1986 until his retirement in November 2012. Ron's experience includes positions with: 
Tilcon Tomasso, 
F.N. Whittemore - Land Surveyor and now as a consultant to 
Dufour Surveying LLC. 

About Dufour Surveying LLC
Dufour Surveying LLC, formerly owned and operated by Ronald H. Dufour - Land Surveyor, for 30 years has served homeowners, realtors, developers, contractors and the engineering industry throughout Connecticut. October 2012, upon Ron's retirement, the business was bought by Carmine Matrascia - L.S. #70219. After nearly 30 years of loyal employment, Carmine has kept the same great professional service and reliability Dufour Surveying is known for. 

Dufour Surveying LLC is a small business based right here in Bristol, CT, serving the entire state. From the northwest corner, to the Farmington Valley, to the shoreline, we provide unparalleled professional land surveying services. 
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